Our Mission

To provide services to our community with dignity and respect,
using the two most important things needed when servicing others:
helping hands and open hearts.



HHOH has always been ready and willing to help others including myself. There have been times when I was was facing unfortunate situations and HHOH was always there to lend a helping hand. I have been blessed with Christmas gifts for my son, school uniforms and supplies, care packages and more. I am thankful for them in more ways than I can imagine and I always try to return the blessings when I am able to do so. I commend them on their community efforts to help everyone.


My family and I would like to thank you for all the support you have provided to my family in this time of crisis. Proving the economic support, medical, and most of all your shoulder.

After working as a federal adjuster for Navy and Marine account, I had a stroke and continued seizures. HHOH, Rosalind has helped me and my family. When no one even my ex employer closed the door on me.

When I have struggled to pay bills HHOH, Rosalind has found a way to support us in numerous ways. Rosalind has helped to put food on the table. My youngest daughter was 5, middle 10, and oldest was 13; when I found my self in the dark. No job, need of medicine, food and support from a friend.  HHOH came in to our lives via my nurse case manager. HHOH has helped my kids by providing school supplies for their education and giving them the support and the push they have needed. Thanks to their support my kids have a Christmas presents.

Thank God for angels like HHOH, Rosalind.


~The Gonzalez Family~


Being a single mother is HARD WORK! But when you have a SUPPORT SYSTEM things tend to work itself out. Helping Hands Open Hearts is one of  the biggest part of my support system! I get really emotional when I think about it because HHOH has helped me so much! They've helped put food in my pantry, Christmas wish list for my baby, back to school needs and so much more! Thank you Helping Hands Open Hearts! I am so Grateful for you!!!

~The Davis Family~