About Helping Hands, Open Hearts

Board of Directors

Christy Coffman

Board Member

Rosalind Brandt

CEO & Founder

Amira Ailabouni Gonzalez

Board Member

History of HHOH Dallas

Helping Hands, Open Hearts was started by Rosalind L. Bryant in 2005. Feeding the homeless was a family activity she participated in as a child. Her parents would cook up great amounts of food several times a year. The family would then load up the car in go under the bridges of Downtown Dallas. They would set up their car like a buffet table and feed the people until they ran out. 

Rosalind picked up the family tradition again in 2005. She begin having Holiday Drives (Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, & Christmas) to gain donations. Every second Saturday after her life skills class at The Family Gateway; she would go to the Day Resource Center on Ervay and pass out chips, water, and cookies. During the Holiday months she would pass out sandwiches. 


In 2008 the feedings started growing and she moved her feeding location to the Dallas Public Library. At that time Rosalind discovered she needed certification from The City of Dallas. Each year she attends a Food Safety Training Class and receives a Homeless Food Handlers Permit. In 2011 the feedings increased again and Rosalind started feeding at two locations: The Dallas Public Library and The Bridge. After several years of feeding on the streets alone (on occasions with family members), she developed a small team of dedicated volunteers and regular donors. 

In 2013, Rosalind’s hobby of giving became a happy reality of an organization. Helping Hands, Open Hearts became a non-profit. HHOH now serves every second Saturday in the Social Services room at Salvation Army, Carr P. Collins Center. Quarterly we visit at serve at Tent City (near Austin Street Shelter). We also serve the DFW community in various capacities and with different projects throughout the year.